MagSafe Returns

A similarity between Apple’s iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro is battery life. Both give passable performance, but this is a step back from last year’s iPhones. typically achieve around just over four hours of usage per charge on a mix of 4G, 5G and WiFi. For me, that just a day’s usage, and this includes a tiny safety net. As an example, I could easily have nearly a day-and-a-half from Apple’s iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone XR. Getting a full day’s usage is acceptable, but this would’ve been more enjoyable to have a larger safety net especially on those days where there is heavy usage.

On a charging related note, Apple has gone with a rather interesting policy of ceasing bundling power adaptors and earbuds with their new iPhones because of environmental concerns. All you’ll see in the box – other than your iPhone 12 itself – is a USB C to Lightning cord. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big problem. Apple’s Earpods are terrible, and most people have a power brick. And the only tricky part is the use of cord. You will be needing a power brick with a USB_C port to use it and if you are upgrading from an iPhone 11 series, the iPhone power adaptor will come with a USB connector.
One can utilise your current charger & cable, however you’ll not get the quick charging abilities that your iPhone 12 is able to provide. Should you wish to pick up a USB C brick, you’re looking at $40 to get one.

It’s Known As MagSafe As It Makes Use Of Magnets

Also do not forget, Apple also has a new wireless charging system known as MagSafe. This is a circular shaped wireless charger that connects to the rear of the MagSafe compatible iPhone. This gives optimal alignment to have the fastest wireless charging, it means you can use your phone as it is being wirelessly charged which you can’t with a standard wireless charging pad or stand. You will still be able to have a quicker top up using a traditional charger, but MagSafe can take an iPhone 12 from zero to 40% over around half an hour.
Naturally buying MagSafe is going to cost you extra. You will need to pay $64.99 just for the charger itself, as well as $28.99 if you need to get a USB Type C brick. If you are wanting the magnets to connect to your case, you’ll also need a MagSafe compatible cover. Your MagSafe charger will charge through any case, it will not stick to non MagSafe cases. MagSafe covers and cases are priced from $79.
There are aspects of Apple’s MagSafe that are proprietary, it still operates as a normal old wireless charger that’s compatible with any phone that has wireless charging. Charging time is won’t be as fast. Right now, MagSafe is a new, fun but handy option, but I’m curious to see where MagSafe will go.
Because most of iPhone owners do not need a MagSafe charger at the office, there sure is a lot of potential for accessories like vehicle holders where this could save time.

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