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Anker Beats Apple To The Punch With Their Magsafe Battery For Your iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple’s iPhone 12 series MagSafe technological innovation not simply will make charging much easier, In addition it enables functional accessories which can be snapped magnetically on you smartphones with out using a case or cover. One of the most wanted of these accessories is a portable powerbank, and it appears like Anker?s going to get one of these ready for sale right before Apple does.
Only a few days back, Bloomberg said anonymous sources of information inside a story that stated Apple were engaged on an improvement to its Battery Covers that eliminates the cover altogether. In its place, this new battery securely attaches straight to the rear of the Apple iPhone 12 using MagSafe magnets, whilst givinging a charge making use of wi-fi induction technologies.

We as why it has taken a very long time to realize an handy accessory that is an obvious device to launch along with the brand new Apple iPhone 12 handset range when the phone had been initially revealed in late 2020 is unknown, but Apple does have a history with staying overly careful with power related add-ons, see power brick recalls, replacement batteries in the phones and laptops, and more recently entirely cancelling their multi device AirPower charging mat it experienced previously announced at an event.

The PowerCore MagSafe Compatible Power Bank

PowerCore Magnetic Wireless Powerbank

Whatever the motives are for Apple not being able to have a MagSafe battery already could be moot, as starting on March 3, Anker will commence shipping their MagSafe batteries. The Anker PowerCore Wireless Power Bank features a 5000mAh battery pack, that is bigger compared to the standard batteries built into Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and even their iPhone 12 Pro Max, MagSafe wireless charging ability isn’t as energy efficient as what charging with a wire is. So, Anker claims their magnetic power bank can just recharge the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max to 95%, 97%, and 75% of the maximum battery capacities. It is able to, however, completely recharge a dead iPhone 12 Mini, with more power to spare.
The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless PowerBank may only be charged employing a USB-C charger. It doesn’t seem like you are able to put it down on Qi charging device to charge it, and because it’s not a officially certified MagSafe unit (it’s only labelled as MagSafe-compatible) that can potentially charge at rates of up to 15 Watts, Anker’s magnetic powerbank is limited to 7.5 watts. It’s a minor disadvantage, but a disadvantage nonetheless.

PowerCore MagSafe Compatible Power Bank

Should Apple releases its MagSafe battery pack, it’ll undoubtedly use the fastest MagSafe charging speeds, and much like every one of Apple’s products, it we believe will not be a low cost item. In spite of the reduced charging speed approximately equal to the speed of charge of the small power duckheads that the company used to provide with their iPhones, Anler’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless PowerBank will be on sale when it launches very soon. That might be a compelling excuse not to hold back for Apple’s version.

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iPhone 12 Cover For Serious Gaming

The Razer Arctech Pro Case

Apple’s iPhone 12 is a versatile phone, and that means you will be able to comfortably play Fortnite,PUBG Mobile, Pokemon Go and Genshin Impact with no processor lag to interrupt your gaming session. Yet even the most powerful smartphone in the world is not immune to overheating when used heavily.

This is where the Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 12 case rules. The case has three layers of cooling technology in order to help stop CPU shut down, plus the standard bump protection that you would want to see in any quality phone case. The Arctech Pro case is wireless charging compatible. The cover operates well with qi phone chargers.


Drop protection wise The Razer Arctech Pro case gives Certified 10ft/3m drop protection. This cover does feel rugged and thick. I would trust the case would protect a device should you happen to drop it from 3m heights or less.

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MagSafe Returns

A similarity between Apple’s iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro is battery life. Both give passable performance, but this is a step back from last year’s iPhones. typically achieve around just over four hours of usage per charge on a mix of 4G, 5G and WiFi. For me, that just a day’s usage, and this includes a tiny safety net. As an example, I could easily have nearly a day-and-a-half from Apple’s iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone XR. Getting a full day’s usage is acceptable, but this would’ve been more enjoyable to have a larger safety net especially on those days where there is heavy usage.

On a charging related note, Apple has gone with a rather interesting policy of ceasing bundling power adaptors and earbuds with their new iPhones because of environmental concerns. All you’ll see in the box – other than your iPhone 12 itself – is a USB C to Lightning cord. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big problem. Apple’s Earpods are terrible, and most people have a power brick. And the only tricky part is the use of cord. You will be needing a power brick with a USB_C port to use it and if you are upgrading from an iPhone 11 series, the iPhone power adaptor will come with a USB connector.
One can utilise your current charger & cable, however you’ll not get the quick charging abilities that your iPhone 12 is able to provide. Should you wish to pick up a USB C brick, you’re looking at $40 to get one.

It’s Known As MagSafe As It Makes Use Of Magnets

Also do not forget, Apple also has a new wireless charging system known as MagSafe. This is a circular shaped wireless charger that connects to the rear of the MagSafe compatible iPhone. This gives optimal alignment to have the fastest wireless charging, it means you can use your phone as it is being wirelessly charged which you can’t with a standard wireless charging pad or stand. You will still be able to have a quicker top up using a traditional charger, but MagSafe can take an iPhone 12 from zero to 40% over around half an hour.
Naturally buying MagSafe is going to cost you extra. You will need to pay $64.99 just for the charger itself, as well as $28.99 if you need to get a USB Type C brick. If you are wanting the magnets to connect to your case, you’ll also need a MagSafe compatible cover. Your MagSafe charger will charge through any case, it will not stick to non MagSafe cases. MagSafe covers and cases are priced from $79.
There are aspects of Apple’s MagSafe that are proprietary, it still operates as a normal old wireless charger that’s compatible with any phone that has wireless charging. Charging time is won’t be as fast. Right now, MagSafe is a new, fun but handy option, but I’m curious to see where MagSafe will go.
Because most of iPhone owners do not need a MagSafe charger at the office, there sure is a lot of potential for accessories like vehicle holders where this could save time.

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The Company Samsung Scales back Smartphone Manufacturing Through The Month Of April As Market Demand Falls Off

According to a report in tech source The Elec says Samsung will reduce output from about 25 million units per month to just 10 million devices during the month of April. The publication also quotes an un-named source to suggest that the ongoing lockdowns due to Covid-19 and the closure of production facilities located in India and Brazil are the cause of this output cut.
The company, Samsung report output would be back to the normal outputs during the month of May when the India and Brazil plants will reopen manufacturing. However, given that this lockdown has been extended in India until May 3 and Covid 19 occurences are unfortunately increasing in both these countries, the return to normal may take longer than Samsung hopes.
And yet, there is also a silver lining for Samsung. Predicted sales of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are outperforming all market predictions and sales are expected to hit 6 million devices throughout the year when compared to the projected numbers about 3.5 to 5.25 million devices.

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Should you clean your phone during the coronavirus? Yes, and here’s how to do it the right way

Someone with flu or COVID-19 touches a doorknob or counter. You come along and touch the doorknob or counter. Then you check your phone. Hours later, you’ve washed your hands, but the virus is still alive on your phone. You see the problem.

If you’re a smartphone owner, than the new coronavirus outbreak and brutal flu season require some new habits. Here’s what to do:

Wash your hands before you touch your phone. You know, check your phone less and wash your hands more. This minor lifestyle change entirely bypasses the risk of accidentally transmitting a virus to yourself via your phone.

If that’s never gonna happen . . .

Get a phone case. A washable case that surrounds your phone makes it easy to clean: just toss it in the sink with your dishes once or twice a day, and wash.

Clean your phone. Apple updated its care instructions to say that wiping the hard surfaces of a phone with 70% isopropyl alcohol is fine, as long as no moisture gets into any openings, keys, or charging ports. No need to purchase wipes: The $1 rubbing alcohol that you purchase at the pharmacy is typically 70% isopropyl alcohol. Phone cleaning tips:

  • use only soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use paper towels, which can scratch.
  • unplug before you clean
  • do not spray the phone directly
  • avoid bleaches or other cleaning products

Phones, by the way, are notorious for being disgusting breeding grounds for germs, even in the best of circumstances. Here’s to hoping phone sanitation becomes a thing.

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Eco94 Tough Clear Case

Eco Friendly Cases From Case-Mate For Your iPhone 

Working with The Nature Conservancy and in conjunction with the Plant a Billion Trees initiative case manufacturer, Case-Mate, deliver their Eco94 case. This really is an eco-friendly case.

The E94 Tough Clear case, is manufactured from a plant-based bioplastic and as this bioplastic is made from renewable sources, such as in this instance, plants the case is biodegradable. 

Bioplastics also reduce greenhouse gas emissions made during the production process and reduce the carbon footprint of this case.

Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case By Case-Mate For the iPhone 11 Pro

Also realising that the normal plastic packaging with an eco-friendly case would be awkward Case-Mate have not used plastic with the packaging, they have elected to use environmentally conscious materials to package their environmentally friendly case in.  This packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

As well as being good for the environment this case is also exceptional at defending your iPhone. It provides 10FT Drop Protection and is also to be recyclable after use. This is a case that is environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and is a tough cover for your phone. 

Case-Mate Eco Tough Clear Case By Case-Mate For the iPhone 11 And iPhone XR

This Eco case is made for the 2019 iPhone models: the iPhone 11 (the iPhone 11 version will also fits the iPhone XR), the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.This is an environmentally friedle case you should consider if you have one of the 2019 iPhone models. Please visit us at Sydney iPhone Cases to have a look at one of these eco-friendly cases or view our wide range other phone cases.

iPhone 11 Lifeproof Next Cases

If you like LifeProof’s tough and protective cases, but you don’t need a waterproof case for your iPhone 11, then check out the Lifeproof’s NEXT cases. 

They have the same amount of drop protection as the LifeProof’s FRE cases, as well as port protection that provides protection and makes the case dirtproof, dustproof and snowproof. NEXT cases will provide excellent protection for your iPhone, while showing it off with its crystal clear back.

Lifeproof Next iPhone 11 Case Blueberry Frost

Lifeproof NEXT Case Features: 

  • 6.6 ft (2 metre) drop protection. 
  • Port protection 
  • Crystal clear polycarbonate back does a great job showing off your iPhone 11
  • Rubber sides give a nice grip 
  • Mute switch lever to protect mute switch 
  • Excellent, secure fit on iPhone 
  • High protective lip around iPhone 
  • Designed to fit with OtterBox Alpha Glass screen protector 
  • Easy press buttons 
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Like most clear polycarbonate cases, the glossy clear polycarbonate back is vulnerable to scratching, despite the anti scratch coating 
  • Like most clear polycarbonate cases, the glossy clear polycarbonate back will show fingerprints relatively easily 
  • Does tend to show watermarking to a greater or lesser degree. 

The LifeProof NEXT for iPhone 11 is available directly from Sydney iPhone Cases. These cases are available in the blue Blueberry Frost and pink Rose Oil colours as well as a black sided, Black Crystal, and red, Raspberry Ice, models. 
If you want to learn more about the iPhone 11 read our review of the iPhone 11. As part of our review we cover the new features, colours, capacity, camera and more. 

The iPhone 11 Review

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Introduction:

The iPhone 11 has great and muchly improved cameras. It also has a more durable design as well as having an improved and enhanced battery life. And as it is all at an affordable price this makes the iPhone 11 the iPhone that buy most people will buy. 

Earlier Apple iPhones fell behind the competition in the likes of Android handsets with their cameras and, the iPhone 11 represents a big leap forward for photography. This is due to a new ultra-wide lens as well as a new Night mode for better low-light performance. 

The camera on the 2019 iPhones surpasses that of Google’s Pixel 4, in our humble opinion. Apple has stepped up their video-recording quality and as mentioned earlier also delivering improved battery life.There are a few compromises versus the flagship iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, the iPhone 11 provides the most value. This iPhone is a great option for many people and seemingly the best mobile for the cash. More about different  iPhone models here.

iPhone 11 Price And Availability

Prices for the most recent iPhone iteration are free through Apple’s web site, with Australia’s telcos nevertheless to unleash evaluation at the time of writing.

Pre-orders for the phone started off at 10pm AEST on September 13, and the devices went on sale on September 20th.

Three iPhone 11 models were launched by Apple on launch day.

All of the three models have a selection of storage options, these being: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

The standard iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch display screen, A13 Bionic processor, and a combine of two 12 megapixel cameras on its back.

A 64GB iPhone 11 can be priced from AU$1200, 128GB are going for AU$1,280, and 256GB at close to $1,500.

The 11 Pro features an A13 chip, however have a trio of 12 megapixel cameras on the rear, furthermore as a twelve megapixel front facing camera. The 11 Pro incorporates a 5.8-inch Super membrane XDR show, whereas the11 Pro Max incorporates a 6.5-inch version of an equivalent panel.

A 64GB iPhone 11 Pro is priced at AU$1,750, 256GB is about at AU$2,000, and 512GB can price AU$2,350.

For the 11 Pro, is worth an additional AU$150 on top of of the 11 Pro Max.

The 64GB iPhone 11 Pro price AU$1,900, 256GB are going to be AU$2,150, and therefore the 512GB version super out at AU$2,500.

iPhone 11 Specifications:

Here are the key specs you can expect from the iPhone 11.

  • iOS 13
  • A13 Bionic chip CPU
  • 6.1-inch all-screen LCD Multi‑Touch display with IPS technologyy
  • 1792 x 828 pixel resolution at 326 ppi
  • 64GB/128GB/256GB storage (no word on the RAM as Apple doesn’t disclose this)
  • Dual rear camera: 12MP Wide (ƒ/1.8 aperture) 12MP Ultra Wide (ƒ/2.4 aperture) and 12MP (ƒ/2.2 aperture) front facing camera.
  • 4K video recording
  • Face ID
  • Battery lasts 1 hour longer than iPhone XR (battery mAH also isn’t disclosed by Apple)
  • 150.9 mm x 75.7 mm x 8.3 mm,
  • 194 grams
  • IP68 water resistance

Black, white, yellow, purple, green and red colour options

Despite being cheaper (and $30 less expensive than the XR at launch) the entry-level iPhone will still cost you.

The 64GB comes in at $1,199, the 128GB at $1,279 and the 256GB at $1,449.

iPhone 11 Design: Colorful And More Durable

The iPhone 11’s structure is a blend of well-known and new. The front and sides are essentially same as with the iPhone XR, complete with the indent at the top, aluminum band and fairly stout bezels (in any event contrasted with the iPhone 11 Pro and the best Android telephones). 

The indication that you have the new iPhone is the larger than average double cameras on the back, housed in a matte glass square. The focal points sort of help me to remember robot eyes. The remainder of the glass has a reflexive completion, so this camera fix gives an intriguing piece of complexity. (The iPhone 11 Pro is all matte glass on the back.) 

We like the new hues for the iPhone 11, which have a more controlled vibe than the Technicolor rainbow that made up the iPhone XR lineup. The more quieted shades incorporate a mint green, a light yellow and a light lavender purple. You can likewise pick from back, white and Product Red. 

The greatest plan change on the iPhone 11 is the thing that you don’t see. Apple guarantees that this telephone has the hardest glass front and back of any mobile phone, on account of a double particle trade process. Some iPhone 11 owners have voiced concernss about having scratched devices, despite the fact that we have not seen any scratches on our phone (although we keep them in cases). All things considered, you might need to invest into an iPhone 11 screen protector as well as an iPhone 11 case. 

This handset also has IP68-appraised water obstruction, which implies that it can withstand two meters of water for 30 minutes. The iPhone XR could do just one meter. The iPhone 11 Pro ups that to 4 meters, yet that is not really motivation to spend additional dollars. 

At 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches, the iPhone 11 is indistinguishable from the iPhone XR in estimate and weight. This places the telephone in the middle of the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max, which I see as a fair compromise as far as vivid review and having the option to utilize the telephone with one hand.

iPhone 11 Cases And Accessories

Being an iPhone there are many case options for the iPhone 11. We have everything from ultra thin cases to tough tradie cases that provide maximum protection. 

Case-Mate have just released a range of eco cases that are made from recycled plastic. They also have cases that are made from biopalstic. Bioplastic is a plastic made from plants and it is biodegradable. 

Case-Mate Prabal Gurung Feminist Case For iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Final Thoughts

Like the iPhone XR before it, the iPhone 11 is the iPhone I’d recommend to most people. And not just to existing iPhone owners, anyone looking for top-notch cameras should consider this handset, especially because of Apple’s prices. Based on our testing, the iPhone 11 can now hang with or beat the best cameras from Google and Samsung.

Overall, the iPhone 11 is a remarkable worth and without a doubt probably the best phone you can purchase.Come and see Sydney iPhone Cases for cases on all iPhones, iPads and more at Market City on Sundays from10:00 am to 6 pm at 9-13 Hay St, Sydney NSW 2000.